Thursday, August 12, 2010

Volunteers needed

Pitch in to help us raise money for CHKD on the peninsula and have a good time too. We depend on our volunteers and the generosity of their time and effort to make this event happen. It is good to know that the people of the community can be counted on to support the important work that CHKD does. Here are some of our typical needs:
  • Friday morning set-up, 9 AM - 2-3 hours, Newport News Park, Needed: 20+
  • Friday afternoon set-up, Ferguson Enterprises, Needed: 10
  • Saturday early set-up, Newport News Park, Needed: 25+
  • Saturday Parking & traffic control, Newport News Park, Needed: 20+
  • Saturday Greeting Collections, Newport News Park, Needed: 10+
  • Saturday Miscellaneous help, Newport News Park, Needed: 10+
  • Saturday Cleanup, Newport News Park, Needed: 15+
How much time you give is up to you and we are flexible and willing to accept any amount of help you can offer. If you may be able to help for an hour or two or more, please let us know.

Become a VA Fall Classic Volunteer by adding your information in a comment on this blog, filling out the form bellow, or contacting Rob Alexander, by email at or phone 757-593-1719 or FAX 508-355-0594. You can get a blank club sign up sheet here and print it out for your club or your volunteer group. Also in Google documents here.

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